Mounted Type Hydraulic Lifted Field Sprayer 800 lt

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► Grain, cotton, sugar beet, wheat, corn and similar agricultural crops by giving excellent results in the fight for superior performance, easy adjustable, and use a high savings rate offers the convenience of our valued farmers.




► Polyethylene tanks produced with the  Agrose technology


► Ultraviolet rays, and surfaces against the adverse effects of pesticides, as corrosion  and does not create resistant bacteria and algae.


► Hydraulic mixing system blends easily into the water with spraying medication.


► Reside on the machine Filling Ejector, provides the opportunity to the sprayin medication  to fill in a very short time.


► Water level indicator can easily be seen,  by the user during filling and emptying


► Clean water tank offered as an option. independent  from  Tanks and provides the possibility of adding all the machines




MTS 496  D


► Small-scale vineyard,garden,greenhouse,orchards  and similar fields can be used  high pressure membrane pumps MTS 496 D  the same time  also can be used disinfect the coop and the barn,

► Valve stamps and covers are stainless steel


►This Pumps are internally manifould ,surfaces in contact with the drug is coated with phosphate and against corrosion resistant.


► All of ours 2-3-4 Pistons  Pumps works by taking movement  intermediate the shaft  from the PTO.




► Boms,which produced by AGROSE Agricultural Machinery , made of pretty hard,strong and thick profiles.


►Our machines Bom widths are ( 6 Mt, 8 Mt. ,0 Mt- 12 Mt. 15 Mt 16 Mt. 18 Mt. )The Bom adjusted up or down manual or with hydraulic lift,this options presented our coustumer


► Spraying Boms are connecting to chassis with 4 screws


►For stable operation in rough terrain bom is reflected in parallel to the damper through the plant sprayin medication.


►In spraying boms used as standard, long-lasting, easy to clean, brass-bodied clamped injector


► Sprayers injectors  are used at every 50 cm as standard.optionally, 35 cm - 70 cm can be placed.


► The pipes that in boms can withstand high pressure 


►For opening bom  are available  galvanized springs




►Profiles are made of ST37 material  and have a high coefficient of strength and resistance


► In terms of adding rigidity to the chassis applied protective primer paint and applied  metallic paint as topcoat


Areas of Use


► Cereals, sugar beet, which is infested with field crops such as cereals used against pests and diseases.


► Using for destruction of unwanted plants and weeds


Optional Features


► As an option in the spraying bom used ,  angle adjustable  nozzles Teejet ,Stoppers atomizer nozzles 


► Optional15-18 mt Bom


► 145 Membranes Pumps

Products Code : ATO-800
Tank Capacity : 800 lt.
Type of Tank : Polyethylene
Kind Of Chassis : Profile
Pumps Model : MTS 496 D
Pistons : 4 Mebranes
Pumps Flow Rate : 96 lt. / Min.
Pumps Pressure : 50 Bar
Control Units : MTS 50
Bom width : 16 mt.
Bom ON/OFF : Manuel
Bom Height Adjustment : Hyraulic
İnjector : 33

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